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How Does The Approval Process For Instant Credit Cards Work In India

Automated Assessment: Banks and credit card companies use automated systems to quickly assess credit card applications for instant approval cards. These systems instantly evaluate factors like credit score, income, employment status, and other criteria to determine the applicant's eligibility.

  1. Quick Decision: The automated systems make a decision on the credit card application within minutes, providing instant approval for eligible applicants.

  2. Account Creation and Card Dispatch: Once approved, the credit card account is created immediately, and the physical card is dispatched to the applicant, often within 24-48 hours.

  3. Minimal Documentation: The application process for instant credit cards typically requires only basic personal and financial information, with minimal documentation needed compared to traditional credit card applications.

  4. Eligibility Criteria: The eligibility criteria for instant credit cards generally include:

  • Good credit score (often 750 or above)

  • Minimum income requirements (e.g. ₹20,000 per month)

  • Age (typically 18 years or above)

  • Nationality and residency status

  • Existing bank account

By using automated processes and streamlining the application requirements, banks and financial institutions are able to provide near-instant credit card approvals, catering to the need for speed and convenience among consumers.

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